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By Lee Breslouer

Before I tried the new version, I visited Colorado’s Roadhouse Boulder Depot to taste its take on the Impossible Burger 1.0, and to ask for executive chef Josh Lujan’s opinion on the faux beef. He’s a meat eater, but his enthusiasm for the burger was hard to deny: he’s incorporated Impossible meat into tacos, steak tartare, and bolognese. Roadhouse’s burger is cooked “medium rare,” and is topped with pesto aioli, pickled red onions, roasted red peppers, and a bit of roughage. I came in expecting to take a few bites and head out. I ate the entire burger… and probably could’ve devoured another.

I loved the rush of salt and fat, the chew, and the beef-like taste in every bite. A pleasurable burger from start to finish. Could I tell that I wasn’t eating a true beef burger? Sure. But eating one is similar to the experience of watching a movie — I know that everything projected onto the screen is fake, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it.

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